The Euroregion is a sustainable region that preserves its resources and prepares for the challenges of climate change (adaptation and mitigation) for 2030.

Biodiversity: preservation and valuing

The Euroregion is an area that above all preserves its biodiversity.

To continue along that path, it is necessary:

  • to intensify conservation of species and protected spaces (marine and terrestrial water, sea and coastal spaces);
  • to deepen understanding, strengthen euroregional networks and raise awareness of biodiversity among the public.
The Euroregion is also a region that preserves its natural resources
  • water first, through sustainable management of water resources and quality improvement;
  • and locally grown food and forestry production which will be supported to adapt to climate change and retain their biodiversity
Energy sovereignty

Finally, the Euroregion aims to achieve energy sovereignty across the region by 2030 through energy transition:

  • supporting cooperation between renewable electricity generation pilot projects in the region;
  • supporting community production and use of renewable energy at local level;
  • fostering a transition that is fair to the public, focused on reducing the energy consumption principally of homes, through innovation.