AGRO & AIGUA – Event 1

today 15 de July de 2021


Transregional initiative for water management in agriculture and agri-food.

The agri-food sector is one of the pillars of the current world economy and one of the key elements of this industry is water. Water is an essential resource in many stages, from production (irrigation) to food processing (processing, cleaning and disinfection). The agri-food sector consumes huge volumes of water, with two main recurring issues in the context of climate change and resource depletion: optimizing the amount of water needed to avoid waste and losses, and limiting impact and recovery from process water, which is often considered wastewater and is discharged into the environment.

See program in FR and ES.

Begin 15 de July de 2021 H 10:00
End 15 de July de 2021 H 16:00
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