Governance and Information

LIFE19 GIE/FR/001013

General data

  Awareness-raising project for the tourism sector on legislation on saving and reusing water.
LIFE program which follows the line of Governance and Environmental Information (GIE)



Total Budget : 1 587 985 euros
EU funding : 873 391 EUR (55%)
Co-financing: Each partner will bring its own funds.
Duration: 3 years from September 1, 2020 to October 31, 2023

Partnerships / Consortia

AECT Euroregio Pirineus-Mediterrània (EPM)

Agence de Développement Economique de la Région Occitanie (AD’OCC)
Clúster de la indústria química Illes Balears (CLIQIB)
Agència Balear per a la Qualitat de l’Aigua i el Medi Ambient (ABAQUA)

Agència d’Estratègia Turística Illes Balears (AETIB)
Associació Catalana per a la Innovació i la Interiorització del Sector de l’Aigua (CWP)
Agència Catalana de l’Aigua (ACA)

Pôle de l’Eau en régions Occitanie et Sud (Aqua-Valley)

Main goals

The overall objective of WAT’SAVEREUSE:

is to explain the benefits of water legislation and national initiatives to promote the circular economy in water consumption, especially in the tourism industry, with the aim of saving both the water and water reuse, with particular emphasis on the Mediterranean environment.
The project will help alleviate the identified environmental problem (water scarcity and drought) by conducting awareness campaigns targeting four target groups and defining better policies with a clear impact.

Specific objectives

Reduce the overall water consumption of tourists when staying in hotels
Promote and educate tourism industry stakeholders on water reuse to explain the benefits of implementing reuse legislation and improve tourists’ perception of reclaimed water
Encourage the tourism industry to implement at least 5 water reuse solutions
Strengthening water governance through collaboration between public administrations and value chain operators
Reduce overall fresh water consumption by 30%


Preparatory action:

Consultation with stakeholders and project configuration

Implementation actions:

  • Communication development: communication strategy and KPIs
  • Develop communications based on demand: raising awareness of water scarcity and changing behavior in relation to water.
  • Development of supply-side communication: engagement and performance of the public and private sectors as suppliers
  • Development of communication for local authorities
    Governance and policymaking of regional/local authorities.
  • Replication and capitalization activities: replication in other EU regions.
  • Development of policy recommendations, systematization of knowledge and organization of tailor-made events
  • Support for policy development: adapt lessons learned from the project to regional strategies.

  • Monitoring the impact of project actions: Receive feedback from communication campaigns, pilots and other actions implemented.
  • Public awareness and dissemination of results: general dissemination activities and technical dissemination activities to the maximum.

Events will be planned throughout the project.


Tourists, private sector (tourism industry), public sector, regional and local authorities, national and European entities.

Role of the EGTC

The EGTC team, as the main partner, coordinates the monitoring and management of the project, as well as the communication and dissemination actions.