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Innovation and economic development


By signing the founding declaration, the four regions have committed to ensuring that the Pyrénées Méditerranée region shall become “an attractive zone for international industrial capital investors seeking to set up in a creative, innovative environment based on quality and scientific excellence, at the service of a competitive, sustainable economy.”

To this end, innovation and economic development are strategic issues for the Euroregion, which is an integral part of the EU 2020 strategy of developing an inclusive, sustainable, intelligent economy. 

On 16 April, 2011, the four presidents once again insisted on the strategic line of making the Euroregion an important center of innovation and excellence, and hence working to promote the competitiveness of the territory, valorization of the economic fabric, and know-how in the fields of research and innovation.


Actions implemented

1- Projet Creamed : 1. creation of a network of Pyrénées Méditerranée Euroregion business incubators and creation of common tools (December 2010-December 2012).
1. This is a 1.4 Million euro project co-financed up to 75% by FEDER funds (program of inter-regional trans-national cooperation IV B SUDOE).

2-  Guide Entreprendre 1. Guide Entreprendre (Doing Business Guide) in the Pyrénées Méditerranée Euroregion November 2006 – Network of Euro Info Centers of the EPM.

2. Bilingual guide designed to help entrepreneurs set up business in the Euroregion territory (collection of key information, procedures to carry out and contacts to be established to grow, create or take over a business)

3 - Establishment of a Project (Mercure) within the framework of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program (October 2011) with the Reseau Entreprendre Europe of EPM and the GECT Pyrénées-Méditerranée (Total budget : 203.610,14 €). The project aims to foster and facilitate the mobility of young entrepreneurs (in business for less than two years) in all of Europe and endow them with the expertise needed to successfully start up or manage a firm via apprenticeships in already established firms.

4 - Clustering : EuroBioRégion
Signing of a collaboration agreement between the four biotech/health clusters in the Euroregion for common actions

5 - Research and innovation seminar on 21 November 2011 in Barcelona ; Themes covered include TICs applied to health and biotechnologies, technological innovation for well-being