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The development of a territory, whether a region, a State or a community of regions, such as the Euroregion, is strongly dependent on the qualitative and quantitative importance of the economic activities engaged in there, as well as the existence of markets accommodating and stimulating these activities.


However, development also depends on the strength and number of links between the different activity hubs spread throughout the territory and the capacity of these hubs to link up to economic hubs in other regions and nations of Europe and the world.


s such the Euroregion invests in projects in different fields such as culture, education, economic development and sustainable development, among others.

Improving the innovation capacity in SMEs is one of the most important - and thus most common - objectives across Europe

Wikiartmap is an online platform, a set of free content which, thanks to the Wiki and Google Map tools, allows users to locate and consult information on art, the creative process and historical/cultural heritage in public zones.
L'Eurocampus Pyrénées-Méditerranée includes over 510 000 students and 45 000 researchers. It brings together all actors in the fields of higher education and research in the Euroregion.
The CREAMED Project is the creation of a network of Euroregion business incubators which meets the needs of Euroregion member regions to organize their action in terms of the promotion of sustainable development.
The members of the Euroregion wish to promote the cultural diversity of these territories and their young citizens, to make the Euroregion a hub in terms of artistic creation and to preserve the natural, historic, and cultural heritage of the Euroregion.
The preservation and optimization of the environment is one of the key areas of action of the GECT (European Grouping for Territorial Cooperationà of the Euroregion in accordance with the founding declaration of the Euroregion.

Other cooperative initiatives

The Eurorégion is committed to fostering increased involvement of the regions in decision making regarding transportation and communications.
In terms of transportation, sustainability is a polyhedral concept
Logistics is a key factor in an economic system
Communication fosters globalization and the creation of networks of economic activities.
Different highly strategic projects for the energy sector are currently under development in the Euroregion
The Eurobiorégion intends to foster the creation of highly competitive new products and services in the fields of biomedecine and biotechnology.