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Press releases

25/10/2019 The EPM is awarded by the Association of European Border Regions The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) has awarded the EPM with a special prize for the grants to cultural projects, which this year have reached its tenth edition
08/10/2019 Cooperation between the Med Alliance territories, a key element for the future of the Mediterranean basin During the round table, the president of the EPM and the Balearic Islands Government, Francina Armengol, has emphasized the importance of cooperation in the Mediterranean as an essential element for the future: “The Med Alliance will continue to be a key factor to improve the life of our citizens and to cope with migration, climatic and economic challenges”
04/10/2019 The future of the Euroregion and the Med Alliance to be debated during the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels Next Tuesday, 8 October, the president of the Euroregion, Francina Armengol, will preside over the opening of a round table at the headquarters of Occitanie Europe, with the participation of representatives of the networks Med Cities, Arco Latino, the Euroregion Adriatic Ionian, the Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) and of the Governments of Occitania and Catalonia
25/09/2019 Palma hosts the 9th annual meeting of the EGTC Platform, coordinated by the Committee of the Regions and within the framework of the Balearic Presidency of the Euroregion Mediterranean Pyrenees Europe has 69 EGTC, acronym for European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation. These structures, set up between two states –or more– facilitate cooperation between public entities
10/07/2019 Registrations to the annual meeting of the EGTC Platform Organized by the European Committee of the Regions, the Government of the Balearic Islands and the EPM, the ninth meeting of the EGTC Platform will take place on 27 September in Palma. You can register here.
05/07/2019 The Euroregion closes the European project eHealth Eurocampus with the celebration of a summer school at the UPC and the results dissemination event The European project eHealth Eurocampus has been a commitment to the development of innovation in higher education and, specifically, in the field of information and communication technologies applied to e-health sector
27/06/2019 The Euroregion closes the European project Links Up The closing ceremony has taken place today at the headquarters of the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean, in Perpignan, in an event in which the main partners of the project have participated: ACCIÓ, Castres-Mazamet Technopole and the Fundació Bit
19/06/2019 The Euroregion presents, in Brussels, the action plan of the Kiss Me project The event has taken place today in the Delegation of the Catalan Government to the European Union and has had the speech of the delegate, Meritxell Serret
19/06/2019 The Euroregion participates in the general assembly of the InterMediterranean Commission of the CPMR The meeting will take place in Marseille on 20th and 21st June and will include the participation of the vice-president of the Occitan Region, Guillaume Cros; of David Camos by delegation of the Catalan Government and Xavier Bernard-Sans, director of the EPM, by delegation of the president, Francina Armengol
18/06/2019 Closing ceremony of the European Links Up project: results and dissemination events The event is going to take place on the 27th June in the headkquarters of the Euroregion in Perpignan at 10:30 h