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Here, telecommunications (etymologically speaking : remote communications) refers to the remote transmission, emission and reception of signs, signals, written material, images, sounds and all types of information, by wire, radioelectricity, optical and other electromagnetic systems.

he two last decades have been characterized by considerable growth in the fields of GSM mobile communications and telephone calls. This evolution has been accompanied by strong price decreases, generated by lower costs and more competition, as well as the considerable development of data networks, and in particular of the Internet.

Today a global commercial activity, the field of communications favors globalization and the creation of economic activity networks.

Telecommunications and new electronic services are hence strongly linked to the challenges of globalization, and the creation of an electronic market without borders, one that respects general public interest objectives, and which requires reinforced international coordination.

In just a few years, telecommunications have shifted from being the exclusive expertise of the State to a competitive business. Telecommunications have created new requirements, both for the local authorities and for private users, which together represent a priority and challenge for the Euroregion: high speed Internet for the whole territory, multiservice cabled network, creation of TNT (Terrestrial Digital Television), expansion of the audiovisual landscape and development of proximity television etc.