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Different projects of highly strategic importance in the energy sector are currently under development in the Euroregion.

First, there is the electrical interconnection project between Midi-Pyrénées and Catalonia proposed by the French and Spanish governments and which consists in setting up a 400 Kv line (Santa Llogaia- Baixas). This interconnection shall augment the security of the Catalan and Spanish electrical supply system in case of major incidents such as power failures or breakdown of transportation lines.. This infrastructure shall guarantee the electrical power supply of the zone of Girona and and shall enable transportation of wind energy of the Euroregion.

This would facilitate commercial exchange specific to the single energy market, which does not exceed 3% in the case of Spain compared to 12% for European countries overall.

Another notable project is the 80bar interconnection gasoduc between Catalonia and Languedoc-Roussillon. It shall be part of the MEDGAS project, which at first shall be set up between Algeria, Albacete, and Almeria and which, among other objectives, aims to transport natural gas between Algeria and France.

At the local level, projects include provision of gas to the Val d’Aran region, signed in 2004 between Generalitat de Catalunya and Gas Natural SDG, SA. This infrastructure includes15 km of gasoducs which cross the Midi-Pyrénées from the already established gasoduc in Melles and 36km of gasoduc in the Val d’Aran.