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On December 2010, Pyrénées-Méditerranée Euroregion received co-financing from the INTERREG IVB SUDOE (southwest European) European territorial cooperation program to successfully carry out the Creamed project.


The project of creating a network of Euroregion business incubators meets the commitment of Euroregion members to pursuing actions in favor of economic development by creating innovative, enduring companies that can’t be re-located. 


For two years, the project driven by the GECT Pyrénées-Méditerranée in collaboration with the Réseau de Pépinières d’Entreprises de Midi-Pyrénées (REZOPEP or the Network of Midi-Pyrénées company incubators), the Réseau des Pépinières d’Entreprises de Languedoc-Roussillon (SYNERSUD or the network of Languedoc Roussillon business incubators), the Département d'Entreprises et Travail de la Generalitat de Catalunya (the Department of companies and work of the Generalitat of Catalonia) and the Parc d’Innovation Technologique des Baléares (PARCBIT or the Technology innovation cluster of the Balearic Islands) shall aim to bring together the business incubators of the four regions within the Euroregion to stimulate innovation, exchanges between SMEs, as well as fostering complementarity in the approach to supporting business incubation and the development of firms in an international environment.

To achieve the abovementioned objectives, the project has a budget of 1.477.249,61 €, including 1.107.937,21 € co-financed by the FEDER (European funds for regional development), with co-financing up to 75%..  

The CREAMED project is based on three working strategies :

1. Coherent and complementary structural development of the systems and infrastructures available for facilitating and accommodating the creation of firms.

Forums shall be organized between the heads of incubators and operational agents to allow them to exchange ideas about best practices, strategies and experiences.

An online training platform shall also be developed to improve the skills and knowledge of Euroregional incubator directors and staff.


2. Development of a series of tools and actions directly in favor of companies for the development of their market and their competitiveness.

An online platform shall be developed and shall include a social media site and tools for targeted scanning. Measures for integrating researchers and interns within companies shall be implemented.


3. The visibility and attractiveness of the Euroregion relative to entrepreneurs and those creating projects.

The CREAMED network shall participate in several international shows for the entrepreneur and for company creation and the promotion of the euroregional territory. A business convention for firms shall also be created.

A long term CREAMED charter and label, shall help ensure that the same level of assistance and services are offered to the creators of projects and firms assisted within the Euroregion.



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