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Euroregion lines of action


  • To project the Euroregion onto the Euro-regional, state and international scenes

To make the Euroregion a central hub for innovation and sustainable growth in southwest Europe, and to facilitate the exchange of information useful for interregional cooperation and attracting investments.

  • To accelerate the creation and implementation of strategic infrastructures required for the sustainable development of the Euroregion

To foster the definition and creation of strategic infrastructures in the Euroregion with the prime aim of creating a network of first class logistics services and platforms, while fostering a sustainable balance in the field of merchandise and passenger transportation via inter-modal transportation solutions. And to sufficiently ensure the interior and exterior connectivity of the euroregional zone.

  • To promote economic sectors of common interest and with high added value

To collaborate in economic sectors characterized by a high level of innovation and which involve research, industry, administration support (bio, aero, nano-technologies, renewable energies, environmental industries….), but also in traditional sectors which today must meet new increasingly stringent quality requirements (tourism, food production, fashion…)

  • To develop universities and scientific organizations in the Euroregion

To construct and reinforce the university and scientific sectors in the Euroregion, based on a strengthened cooperative zone well integrated in the European and global contexts. This space must answer the needs of the new economy and the Euroregion as a knowledge based society.

  • To promote citizen involvement in the Euroregion

To bring citizens closer to the Euroregion via the gradual creation of a shared social, cultural and media/communications space, thanks to inter-regional initiatives within the wider civil society, and different administrations.

  • To address specific cross-border issues

To address specific cross-border issues stemming from insular situations, in a coordinated manner in collaboration with the Communauté de Travail des Pyrénées (CTP)

  • To be a benchmark in the western Mediterranean region

To be a key player in the Euromediterranean partnership via cooperative actions aimed at the southern Mediterranean countries (mainly the North African countries), but also via reinforcement and articulation of the European Mediterranean arc (Spain, France, Italy)