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European Grouping For Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)

A legal tool at the service of the Euroregion


The EGTCs or European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation are a European entity set up to foster trans-border, trans-national and inter-regional cooperation. The EGTCs were created to help implement projects co-financed by the European Union and actions driven by the regional or local authorities, with or without EC financial support.


The EGTC is a legal tool adopted by the Pyrénées Méditerranée Euroregion to facilitate its operations. The  Pyrénées-Méditerranée EGTC was created in August 2009 and enables the Euroregion to fulfill its objectives in particular in terms of economic, social and territorial cohesion. The EGTC is a European legal tool and framework which endows the Euroregion with a legal standing, thereby allowing it among other things, to buy and sell goods or hire staff.


This permanent structure has allowed it among other things to be in the forefront of the CREAMED project for the promotion of a network of business incubators with community financing. It has also initiated calls for projects aimed at civil society and which granted subsidies to euroregional projects in the areas of culture and the environment (tourism and climate change).


Since 1st October 2017, the workplace of the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean are in Perpignan. Our address is:


Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean EGTC

El Centre del Món

35 boulevard Saint-Assiscle

CS 32032

66011 Perpignan Cedex (France)

Tel. +33 4 48 22 22 34



The organizations that oversee the EGTC are identical to those of the Euroregion such as the Presidents’ Meeting, and the General Assembly, etc.


This is the team of the EPM:


General Manager: Xavier BERNARD-SANS



Administration and Finacilal Manager: Guillaume BENHAIEM



Budgetary coordinator and HR: Lucie NIVET



Administrative Assistant: Sébastien JOUANJAN



Projects Manager:

Marie DIRAT: marie.dirat@euroregio-epm.eu

Joao LOBO: joao.lobo@euroregio-epm.eu

Tanit MIR: tanit.mirpamies@euroregio-epm.eu


Communication Manager: David CLUSELLAS