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IC4 Language Program

The IC4 program includes intensive, accelerated language training adapted to the needs of students and researchers taking part in mobility initiatives within the Euroregion.

Historically the Euroregion has four languages : Castillan, Catalan, French and Occitan.

Knowledge of these languages as well as usage are quite irregular throughout the region. As such, these languages are a linguistic barrier between citizens of the Euroregion and university teachers on the Eurocampus, thus hindering the mobility of Eurocampus members.

Classes in linguistic inter-comprehension between the four euro-regional languages and the conception and coordination of Catalan and French classes in the four regions, prior to the start of the university year, have been approved by the Euroregion members as a priority project of the Eurocampus.


TheIC4 programme includes a 30 hour module of intensive classes in six Roman languages, centered on the four Euroregion languages (French, Catalan, Castillon, Occitan).


The program consists in intensive, simultaneous training in written comprehension of the two languages.


The documents used within the program are of varying degrees of difficulty and lengths. Each of the documents are recorded, then with the help of monitors, the trainees take part in active reading thus developing skills in formal and functional comprehension: lexical, syntax, morphological, intonative, and paraverbal.


Via this 30 hour training program, trainees independently develop contrastive grammar devices and skills needed to read and understand from 75 to 100% of an informative document in all the languages studied.


The IC4 program bases most of its training on inter-comprehension learning, in other words the ability to understand the language (oral and written) of a speaker without necessarily being able to speak the language fluently.

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