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Wikiartmap, l'Eurorégion "à la carte"


Wikiartmap is an online platform offering free content. Thanks to wiki and Google Map, it can be used to locate and consult information on art, the artistic process, and the cultural and historical heritage located in outdoor spaces. In addition, internet users can find information about organizations, events and document archives related to these activities.


Wikiartmap provides a new way of discovering artistic creations at the global level via graphic options and virtual and intuitive interactions which incorporate free and already existing content. It is an innovative platform which allows the internet user to create, administer and modify content.


Integration via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + and implementation of a specific social networking site allowing the internet user to share content and keep up to date on news. In particular, this site shall have functions that allow the internet user to add maps to their blogs and their sites or by suggesting to create maps based on existing content.


Wikiartmap is a brand new world scale platform to showcase and promote art, the cultural/artistic heritage and artistic creation at the national and international levels. A free tool, it offers a new means of communication for artists, cultural agents, and entities while providing information about cultural events and issues and related actions via a dynamic platform.



Types of content



Wikiartmap includes all types of events occurring in the public space, or which are related to the latter and which can be accurately geo-located. This includes sectors such as architecture, sculpture; street art, sound performances, festivals, urban exhibits, etc. The project is aimed at both citizens in general and people working in the fields of culture, tourism, and education. The goal is to foster and multiply the functioning of WAM. The platform shall be available in six languages including Catalan, Castellan, French, English, Italian and Portuguese.



WAM was initially developed in 2009, prompted by its director, Maite Oliva. The latter was inspired to create the project when she was involved in outdoor events and realized that there was no online tool to publicize information about the events in an optimal way.


WikiArtMap is supported by the Pyrénées-Méditerranée Euroregion, the Ministry of Culture, the Regional Council of Gerona, the tourism foundation of Gerona/Costa Brava, the town hall of Figueras and Bonart, among others. In addition, the project is fostered and encouraged by agencies operating in different sectors such as innovation, culture, technology and communication. All of these people and entities have made the project possible.